What Are the Family Friendly Destinations in San Diego?
As a family traveler with kids, are you still wondering about where to go for your next vacation? Well, why not try San Diego, one of California’s three largest cities? This city is different from other tourism destinations in that it is not flashy or classy at all. Its greatest attraction lies in its beauty and simpleness, making it an ideal vacation place at any time of the year. Family travelers also prefer it because of the presence of many family friendly attractions.

San Diego Zoo: Located in the Balboa Park, this world famous zoo is home to thousands of animals, including birds, amphibians, insects, mammals and reptiles. Some animals are so rare that you will seldom see in any other places. The animals here are alert, not sleeping all the time like those in other zoos. Besides, there is a safari park here, attracting animal lovers of all kinds to this beautiful park and animal refuge.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve: Located within San Diego city limits, this reserve still enjoys high prestige in protecting and maintaining biodiversity. One species of the nation’s rarest pine tree can be found here, which makes this reserve more important in the nationwide. Besides, there are also miles of trails and unspoiled beaches for visitors to explore. This is also a good destination for hiking. Kids will get to know a lot what they couldn’t learn from books.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach: Located near the manmade islands of Mission Bay, this beach boasts a fantastic boardwalk and is a best place to soak up the city’s beach lifestyle. You can rent a bike with your family to appreciate the unsurpassed oceanfront view or you can also take a ride on Belmont Park’s famous wooden roller coaster. Building sandcastle is a popular activity to share with your family.

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An Introduction of the Current Situation of San Diego Downtown Condos
Downtown San Diego is a hot topic in San Diego real estate market for its wide variety of residents, eclectic architectures and aesthetics as well. Many would like to purchase one of its popular condos so as to live within short distance from everything that a modern city has to offer and to enjoy a healthy and fashionable lifestyle.


There are nearly a dozen neighborhoods housed in this area, among which are Bankers Hill, Cortez, Columbia and Marina. Some of them are located in prestigious locations and are popular with unparalleled views, while others serve as perfect getaways from the hustle of contemporary life with tranquil surroundings. Bayside, Electra Condos, Metropolitan, Park Laurel and Pinnacle condo buildings are acknowledged as the best condos in terms of quality.

The house price ranges from one condo to another, according to different locations, surroundings, amenities and services, but the average price is about $550 per square feet. Purchasers will always be granted a discount when they determine to buy. 4.5% or so will be taken off the last quoting price. HOA fee also differs among different condos. Low rise buildings without on site staff will be charged $400 a month while the high rise luxurious buildings require $800 per month or more. A property tax of 1.2% of the purchase price will be charged every year.

Foreclosure condo is also available in downtown San Diego. Nearly 20% of the saleable properties in this area are said to be foreclosure ones due largely to its relatively lower prices. But one will always be asked to make a large down payment to buy a foreclosure condo.

You are suggested to consult an expert or agent before making your final purchasing decision. The professionals will give you more accurate information and help you make a more lucrative investment.

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Must-Visit Shopping Malls in San Diego - Horton Plaza
Are you one of the modern shopaholics who always feel the impulse to purchase wherever you are? If you submit a “yes” to this question, then you can’t miss San Diego, a shoppers’ paradise in California. This popular destination offers no dearth options with a great many wonderful shopping malls, like Chula Vista Center, Otay Ranch Town Center, Fashion Valley and Mission Valley, as well as Horton Plaza.

Horton Plaza

Horton Plaza located in the downtown area was redeveloped in the mid-1980s from a major public transit center to a popular shopping mall. The multi-level bright-colored architecture somewhat looks confusing to first time visitors, but it arises great interest in visitors and adds tremendous attraction to this mall. And the shops and eateries inside are by any means great and attractive.

This plaza houses more than 150 shops and stores, which are anchored by Macy’s and Nordstrom, two popular branded stores. Levi’s Store for denim, Optometric Expression with designer eyewear, Louis Vuitton for the best leather items and BCBG, Bebe and Steve & Barry’s are the signature stores in this place. Apparel being the main goods here, general merchandise like toys, electronics goods, books, souvenirs and jewelry sold here also draw great attention from shoppers.

If you get exhausted after wandering about purchasing all the time, there are also some brilliant eateries here waiting for you. On the third floor of Horton Plaza, you will find a great many restaurants providing all kinds of foods and snacks. Sitting inside any one of Samba Grill, California Crepe, Panda Inn and Napa Valley Grille, you are guaranteed a feast of the mouth. If you mean to enjoy some true local flavor and other specialty foods, just head to Gaslamp, which is not far from this unique shopping mall.

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A Brief Introduction to San Diego Attractions
San Diego, an elegant and sunny California city, is a popular tourist destination which attracts millions of visitors from home and abroad annually. Its attractions lie in the beautiful seaside scenery, stunning natural landscape and splendid human achievements and many other aspects.

You can take a walk along the long beach with your family to breathe fresh air and enjoy warm sunshine. The wide and straight Solana Beach boasts beautiful coastline views and you will see fabulous high tide occasionally. Lodging in a seaport village will also endow you with an exceptional traveling experience. You and your family can walk along San Diego Bay or have dinner in a seaport restaurant over the splendid view.

Balboa Park, an urban park minutes from Downtown San Diego, has dozens of cultural and recreational destinations inside. Kids would run to the San Diego Zoo immediately to see the exotic animals like giant pandas, cuddly looking koalas, reptiles, storks and giraffes. The zoo safari park here will also stimulate their interest. The botanical garden houses thousands of plants and flowers, forming an unparalleled place to take a walk or have a rest. Many museums and historic architectures are also to be seen here, making it a historical and educational destination as well as a horticultural and recreational one.

San Diego Zoo

There are many other attractions here that deserve a visit, like San Diego Beaches, Sea World San Diego, Old Town and La Jolla. To have a quick glimpse of all these, you can also take a Segway tours around the city. It’s interesting, exciting as well as thrilling. With an expert to instruct and lead you the way, you can rest assure and focus your attention on sightseeing. Such tours are popular in San Diego. Surfing lessons are also available from which where you can learn surf for some time and then surf by yourself on the sea.

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Enjoy Free Outdoor Activities in San Diego
San Diego sits across from the Pacific Ocean, which makes San Diego have a long shoreline. Thus visitors are attracted to San Diego all the year round for the picturesque beaches. But insiders know that San Diego still have other fantastic places to go besides the beaches, such as the Farmers markets and several unique parks.

This article will help the visitors to have a different travel experience in San Diego. Please follow the article and explore the fabulous places.

1. Farmers Markets
Farmers Markets is really a good place for a visit if you have plenty of time. The weather in San Diego is warm all the year round, so visitors are able to see the numerous Farmers Markets through the year. The roam aisles are installed in Farmers Markets, and are decorated with flowers and fruitful products. Visitors must be amazed by the fun of wandering in Farmers Markets, and you can pick out your favorite and fresh products.

2. Glorietta Bay Park
Glorietta Bay Park is located on Coronado Island, which is a 2-acre park consisting of a playground and a small beach. Glorietta Bay Park doesn’t have too many people as other parks in San Diego, so you will have much more leisure there. Not far from the Glorietta Bay Park, there is a marketplace where you can explore or take a walk. You can also a take a walk along the 3 miles boardwalk with your friends or family.

5. Torrey Pines State Park
Torrey Pines State Park is famed for its sandstone cliffs that attracts numerous visitors all the year round. These sandstone cliffs are an estimated 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean surrounds by many Torrey pine trees that are seldom seen. If you want to challenge yourself, you can take a gliding ride from the Torrey Pines Gliderport. You can start from the Torrey Pines State Park and stroll down to the Black's Beach, which is one of the America’s nude beaches. The park also offers tours start from the visitor’s center down to the Black's Beach.

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