San Diego Wine Tours – Majestic Temecula Valley
Having a San Diego wine tour is a wonderful choice for visitors. Over two hundred years ago, the first wine making appeared in California. But since the historical environment at that time, the vineyards were all mission vineyards. Until in the year of 1968, the first modern commercial vineyard was established in the Temecula Valley.


Compared with other places in San Diego, Temecula Valley has a greater solar intensity and a relatively low rainfall. These two factors make Temecula Valley an ideal region for high quality wine grape growing. Besides, lapse rate is another factor that influences the valley’s climate. Because the Temecula Valley is much lower than the mountains around it, the temperature at night is very cool. This is critical in harvesting fine grapes.

Temecula Valley soils play an important role in growing high quality grapes. The soils are created from decomposing granitic material, which make the Temecula Valley a perfect place to grow top wine grapes. All these natural conditions consist of the indispensable factors for growing grape in Temecula Valley.

The wineries and vineyards in the valley are charming for anyone who has been there. In the vineyards, you have the chance to taste hundreds of award-winning wines offered by the wineries. It is a veritable paradise for wine lovers. In addition to tasting fine wines, there are a lot of wine events held by the wineries as well. These events are held to attract more visitors and it works well.

If you are fascinated by wines, Temecula Valley is a place you must visit on your San Diego travel agenda. A visit to the valley will be a precious memory in your whole life.

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