An Introduction of the Current Situation of San Diego Downtown Condos
Downtown San Diego is a hot topic in San Diego real estate market for its wide variety of residents, eclectic architectures and aesthetics as well. Many would like to purchase one of its popular condos so as to live within short distance from everything that a modern city has to offer and to enjoy a healthy and fashionable lifestyle.


There are nearly a dozen neighborhoods housed in this area, among which are Bankers Hill, Cortez, Columbia and Marina. Some of them are located in prestigious locations and are popular with unparalleled views, while others serve as perfect getaways from the hustle of contemporary life with tranquil surroundings. Bayside, Electra Condos, Metropolitan, Park Laurel and Pinnacle condo buildings are acknowledged as the best condos in terms of quality.

The house price ranges from one condo to another, according to different locations, surroundings, amenities and services, but the average price is about $550 per square feet. Purchasers will always be granted a discount when they determine to buy. 4.5% or so will be taken off the last quoting price. HOA fee also differs among different condos. Low rise buildings without on site staff will be charged $400 a month while the high rise luxurious buildings require $800 per month or more. A property tax of 1.2% of the purchase price will be charged every year.

Foreclosure condo is also available in downtown San Diego. Nearly 20% of the saleable properties in this area are said to be foreclosure ones due largely to its relatively lower prices. But one will always be asked to make a large down payment to buy a foreclosure condo.

You are suggested to consult an expert or agent before making your final purchasing decision. The professionals will give you more accurate information and help you make a more lucrative investment.

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