A Guide for You to Park Your Car at San Diego International Airport
People who are familiar with the San Diego International Airport will be sure to be acquainted with the parking facilities near it. If you are a stranger and plan to park your car at the airport, this article that can give you an all-sided view of these parking places will be bound to do you a favor.

Different Kinds of Parking Facilities within This Area

San Diego International Airport boasts a variety of parking services, such as, the short-run paring, long-term parking as well as the valet parking. According to the various demands of the passengers, the management of this airport will give you the following suggestions for choosing a proper parking service.

1. If you decide to park your car there for only an hour, you had better choose the short-term paring lots which will charge you with $2-$4.

2. If you are going to keep your vehicles there for a day, a week or even longer, the long-term parking service whose average price is $21 daily will not fail you.

3. For people who are rich or busy, the valet parking service will be their best choice. Certainly, the price of it is a little bit high, but the service is quite satisfying.

The Way for Getting a Discount

Similar to many other tickets, the parking tickets can also be booked in advance on the internet. If you want to get a discount when you park your car at this gorgeous airport, you had better reserve a parking ticket online. One thing you should bear in mind is to keep your ticket safely. If you get your ticket lost, you have to go to the fully staffed booths for a fast payment with the maximum daily cost.

The Other Amenities You Can Enjoy When You Park Your Car There

1. The free shuttles can be found in any parking lots at this airport. The passengers can use these shuttles to carry their heavy bags or suitcases.

2. There are disabled auto parking lots served for the handicapped. The considerate services provided by the working staffs will make all the people satisfied and happy.

3. If you want to buy some drinks near the parking locations, the coffee vending machines will be sure to please you a lot.

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